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Special offers

Greece / Kérkyra

Greece. Exclusive villa ...
19.116.000 EUR
number of rooms: 6

France / Antibes

Luxury apartments in Anti...
2.650.000 EUR
number of rooms: 5

Dominican Republic / Salvaleón de Higüey

Villa luxury with 3 bedro...
720.000 EUR
number of rooms: 4

Czech Republic / Praha

Luxury apartment in the P...
803.109 EUR
number of rooms: 4

Greece / Mykonos

Rent luxury villa on the ...
1.800 EUR
number of rooms: 6

Italy / Como

495.000 EUR
number of rooms: 6

Latvia / Salaspils

House for the big family
480.000 EUR
number of rooms: 8

Lithuania / Vilnius

690.000 EUR
number of rooms: 4

Latvia / Riga

Apartment for rent
900 EUR
number of rooms: 2

Who hasn’t fantasized about buying real estate in Spain – or elsewhere in the world?

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. And while this may be true, the world is full of fascinating cities and countries that exert a strong attraction on us. And practically all of us have imagined what it might be like to one day move to the place of our dreams and own real estate in Spain – or elsewhere:

  • If you are interested in real estate in Turkey, you will experience first-hand the dynamic contrast between tradition and modernity, religious custom and Western influence. How about a flat in Istanbul, the thrilling metropolis on the Bosporus Strait?
  • Mediterranean flair, temperamental people and “La Dolce Vita” – owning property in Italy makes it all possible.
  • Experience the cradle of European civilization by purchasing real estate in Bulgaria: Eastern European nonchalance and a cultural heritage that reaches back thousands of years await you.
  • How would you like to have the Alps at your doorstep? This goes hand in hand with the possibility of going on a hike or engaging in winter sports any time you like. Maybe you should consider a holiday flat near Salzburg or buying other real estate in Austria!
  • You could spend your life on the Mediterranean if you owned a home or other real estate in Greece. Places like Athens, Mykonos and Crete radiate their own kind of magic.
  • A ranch in Texas, a chalet in the mountains, a centrally-located flat in one of the vibrant cities of the world - from New York to Tokyo. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Living in Other Countries and Enjoying the Advantages

Just imagine what you could experience if, for example, you decided to buy property in Spain? No matter whether you choose the exciting culture and nightlife that comes with an apartment in Madrid or delight in your magnificent vacation house on the Island of Mallorca – there are plenty of good reasons for buying real estate in Spain. If you were to buy property in Spain, you could move to Barcelona and savour the Mediterranean with as much enthusiasm as you could appreciate the traces left behind in this city by Salvador Dali. If you chose to purchase property in Spain, you could also find a stylish finca in Andalusia or a city apartment in Vido on the Atlantic coast near the Portuguese border. Have we sparked your interested in an apartment or other real estate offering in Spain? You can find these and many other heavenly properties across the globe right here.

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