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About the Company
European Village is the only company in western Georgia that specializes in the construction of luxury villas using European technologies for a comfortable life and investment. In Batumi, the premium class housing segment is a rarity. In most cases, the so-called elite real estate in terms of construction technologies does not differ much from the middle and economy class.


Our projects do match the features of premium real estate:

The construction team of the company possesses European construction technologies.

The company is responsible for warranty obligations regarding the quality of repair and construction work.

In the portfolio of the team - objects of a high quality level in the premium category. You can see them live, feel the quality with your own hands.

We use only high-quality materials, we do not save on the quality - it is more expensive to remodel.

Only the best location in elite areas, we do not offer locations that may cause issues.

Thought-out infrastructure
Improved territory. Ecotechnology and landscape design.

All our projects are liquid and profitable for investment. When choosing a concept, location, and other features, we always pay attention to the parameters of the value of the proposal for the market. All our customers will be able to receive income from the purchased properties, which has been proven by experience.

Exclusive offers
We do not offer “consumer goods”, because our exclusive real estate is becoming more expensive, not cheaper.

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